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Roll-up Door Features

Types of Materials

Metal Shutter: Shutters, Galvalume, Stainless Steel, Aluminum(anodized)
Grille-Type: White Aluminum Anodized or Brown Analok

  • Roll Up Grilles Grilles
  • Aluminum Anodized Metal Shutter Aluminum
  • Oven Baked Slats Oven Baked Slats
  • Polycarbonate Roll up Shutter Polycarbonate
  • Galvalume Metal Shutter roll up door Galvalume
  • Stainless Steel Roll up Shutter Stainless

Shutter Slats Thickness

Gauge # sub 24 is best used with manual operation by host residential and small or medium commercial building requirements.

Gauges #18 or #20 are best and suited for chained, motorized, and remote controlled operation by most industrial building requirements

Removable Mid Post

Manually operated shutter with wide openings can be divided into several panels as per required and detachable mid post are placed to assure durability and security

Service / Wicket Door

Usually installed within the roll-up door panel which serves as service or "wicket" door for people on the go, without jeopardizing its original function.

Optional Slats with Ventilation holes

To lessen wind resistance for longer life span of shutters and to see outside premises, ventilation holes in specific slats can be provided.

Locking Mechanism Options

LOCKSET: A lockset is installed in slats at the middle of every panel used for locking the shutter

PADLOCK HOLDER: This locking mechanism is installed at the bottom-most part of the shutter that will be attached to its side guides by a padlock to complete this locking system.

  • Service Wicket Door, Wicket
  • Optional Slats with Ventilation holes DoorVentilation
  • Lockset and Lock MechanismLockSet

Types of Operation

  • Manual operation Roll up Door

    Manual Operated

    Raised of lowered by hand or pole. Built springs will lessen such effort. A removable mid post is placed for widths exceeding 3.00 meters.

  • Chain operation Roll up Door

    Chain Operated

    Raised of lowered by heavy duty, all steel design flame cut steel gears and galvanized hand chain

  • Motor operation Roll Up Door

    Motor Operated

    Raised of lowered by heavy duty sprocket-and-wheel gear box motor unit complete with emergency hand chain drive. Single phase motor standard. Other available upon request. Motor 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 3/4, 1HP

  • Remote operation Roll Up Door

    Remote Operated

    Same parts as motor but with additional feature of wireless control at a distance of 20-30 meteres