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About Dragon Metal Industries -

About Dragon Metal Industries Corp.

About our company

Dragon Metal Industries Corp. () is a single Proprietorship establishment organized January 2010. The company includes fabrication of Stainless Railings and All Metal Works and estimates such as simple iron works, which includes provision of services for the preparation and delivery for the processing of a new project and change of scopes alike; provision of set plans including general engineering and building construction, and details are ready for necessary public works review and approvals; the accurate attention to dimension, calculation and detail necessary for development and construction of any project, and provision for positive review, research and analysis of a project to ensure maximum value for the least cost and actual construction guided by maximum safety rules, environmental protection principles and highly scientific working attitude; fabrication and installation of durable steel or galvalume Roll up Doors, trouble shooting etc; materials supply which includes packaging, delivery high qualities products backed-up by customer service follow through.

Company's excellent tract record

This company has already earned a very high level of trustworthy records of excellent performance, timeliness, accuracy and high quality oriented services, which always considers client satisfaction and interests. The company is also a maximum safety and environmental protection advocate. It is equipped with all possible safety equipment such as hand, ear, head and face protection gadgets, respiratory protection instruments, fall protection gadgets, protective clothing, first aid, safety signs and labels, safety instrumentation, safety nets etc.

The company is very sensitive to the preservation and protection of environment condusive to health and life. It cooperates with government agencies to ensure maximum compliance to the environmental protection and safety requirements

The company always applies in a maximum level the use of highly scientific working attitudes and actual work view. It also applies the principle of humane treatment with workers and provides all necessary convenience, very satisfactory working conditions and protection for its personnel.


To provide high quality, first-class, world class preffered roll-up door shutter fabricator and installer by constantly delivering top of the line cost effective and more convenient products and services to its client to ensure their maxumum satisfaction.


To be a leader and superior in providing excellent and general engineering and building constructions work, on most roll-up door shutter fabricator.


To ensure the maximum safety of works and the public, to protect human health and natural environment, to satisfy clients to the maximum possible, to ensure everything is in order, and to apply all possible ways to produce high quality services and products for the maximum satisfaction of our clients are company's concerns. Trust and timeliness are virtues high nurtured. Excellence, honesty, industriousness, result oriented, high performance and responsibility and concern are virtues that the company is characterized and advocates.